Boys pee on things. At any given time somewhere in the world, there is a boy peeing on something. Boys Pee On Things takes this basic idea and expands on it with documentary photography and writing from contributors of varying gender and sexual identities. It explores gender roles and specifically male vulnerability (or lack thereof) and how it has affected us in our lives. It’s funny, angry, melancholy, inquisitive, and ultimately joyous. In the last couple years, gender has again risen to the forefront of social consciousness. This is a snapshot of how it affects this generation.
Ahmed Alramly
Aida Nizankovska
Asal Shahindoust
Brad Oberhofer
Camille McOuat
Chad Moore
Charles Caesar
Diego Villareal
Ilana Kozlov
Jonathan Buckley
Laura Allard-Fleischl
Lida Fox
Lucien Smith
Lumos Solem
Massima Desire
Nicholas Hadfield
Noelle Duquette
Olivia Bee
Oscar Zabala
Rebekah Campbell
Reece Perkins
Remy Holwick
Richie Davis
Saara Untracht-Oakner
Sasha Frolova
Wendy Mufaume
Zachary Chick
Zoe Bullock

Boys Pee On Things